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Throughout his long standing career as an improvising musician, intuitive composer, field recordist and visual artist, Jez rilez French has created a body of work that both
celebrates and challenges concepts of emotive response (in sound and image), naturally occurring music, hidden sonic architecture and the imposed definitions applied to the
creative arts ; especially those applied to the terms ‘music’ and ‘sound art’.
His work combining subtle elements of both conventional string instruments and various object along with field recordings exploring audible and inaudible environments often
alongside with photographic images and drawings, often focusing on overlooked details, has been performed, exhibited and released in many countries including France,
Japan, Austria, Germany, USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, Portugal etc.

"My creative output revolves around the intuitive aspects of music, sound and simple visual elements.
I prefer to allow my emotions to inform my work and whilst the concept of personal and cultural theory is indeed a part of my creative outlook, for me those things are indeed
personal and not something I insist the audience is aware of.
Having started making music by improvising some 28 years ago & at a rather early age, I have been using the term ‘intuitive’ for some years now as I feel it more closely
fits my work "

| Jez riley French selected works |

CD / VA :
field recordings vol.21 | engraved glass (UK)
generator pieces 2727807 (generator projects) | engraved glass (UK)
Rhythm (various artists) | cherry music (Japan)
two events | engraved glass (UK)

More infos here : http://www.jezrileyfrench.karoo.net/webpage%20pp_files/slide0001.htm