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d:ve was born in Hong Kong. Residing in DC of USA. Clive Leung produces colorful and delicate melodies of different timbres in different forms.
His sonic experimentations started since the year 2000.
By combining digital noise he selected from some lo-fi recording devices and some acoustic instruments,
Clive includes in his music some close-to-life elements behind another worldly overtone which falls into the category of digital experimentalism.

For some time now, Clive is slowly progressing to a more melody-based minimalist composing style.
Strong melodies in a free-formed structure with intermitten glitch works were shown in his previous release Deconstructed Piano under Lona Records.
Spontaneous tonal changes and variations clash with a repertoire of twisted piano sound making usually a sorrowful mood that lingers in minds.

| d:ve works |

Deconstructed Piano | Lona Records (Hong Kong) | 2006
One-minute compilation | Self-release (USA) | 2005
Various artists DIY Hard (Appeared as S-tuji-o) | Deviant-Dancefloor (France) | 2005

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