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Daisuke Miyatani lives on the Awaji Island in Japan and usually works in a bookshop. Maybe that is where he finds the rest and silence to create his fragile compositions. Or it is his Japanese cultural background that leads to the calm, haiku-like miniatures.
Daisuke establishes a reduced and minimal approach mostly based on guitars, accompanied by xylophones and other instruments. The songs have an open character, with a lot of silence, and repetition. These elements are contrasted with more ambient-like, electronically composed material. Hence the album is a fruitful interplay between constant atmospheres and point-like acoustic notes. Most of the songs include fieldrecordings which are rather subtle, underlying.
All the electronic elements still have an annalog character, fitting with the dominating acoustic instruments.

| daisuke miyatani works |

Diario | ahornfelder (Germany) | 2007
Various artists Flou | ele records | 2006
melody guitar | active memory recordings | 2006
Sketch | Magic Book Records/PICO (Japan) | 2005
Various artists Sketch Book Sketch Remix | Magic Book Records/PICO (Japan) | 2005

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