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Cake on Cake is the band of 25 years old Helena Sundin.
She grew up in a village in the norht of sweden and is currently living in umeå, sweden, were she goes to school studying the fine arts.
She has been playing different instruments since childhood and was classically trained in singing, piano and cello.
She started to record sounds that grew into pop-songs in june 2004, and Cake on Cake was formed.
Cake on Cake is a solo-project but friends sometimes helps out on instruments that Helena can not play herself.
Andreas Gabrielsson plays the double bass and electric bass.
(other people appearing on recordings so far: Micke Svensson - keys, Alex Rayman - guitar, Björn Sundin - trombone, Håkan Persson - steel-pan).
Helena plays, records and produces her music by herself in her studio/house.
She uses and array of instrumens including: voices, piano, organ, rhodes, clavinet, metallophone, xylophone, keyboard, guitar, mandoline, flutes
(recorder, cat & canary flute), harmonicas, melodica, different percussive instruments + some electronics.

| Cake on Cake works |

I see no stars | Desolation Records (USA) | 2005
I guess i was daydreaming | Desolation Records (USA) | 2007

More infos here : http://www.cakeoncake.com -