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STRETCHANDRELAX is the project of Elise Ladoué and Félicia Atkinson.
Elise Ladoué and Félicia Atkinson met in 2003 in the crazy dance project BOCAL with the choreographer Boris Charmatz.
At that time, they were not specialy close, but they liked to go to the swimming pool together and buy useless things.
Elise was a professional dancer and felicia, well,... she was very influenced by chantal goya's movements.
When the project bocal ended with shout and fury, they decided to work together in the mean time elise was beginning circus and felicia was going to les beaux arts de Paris.
in 2005, they have created l'association gingembre, a team or a dynamic mini group which makes them videomakers, dance, improvise, draw, sing,
....................................... they began STRETCHANDRELAX in an old and desafected girl college, playing harmonium and garageband they record themselves on dictaphone.
STRETCHANDRELAX is a project of l'association gingembre.
L'association gingembre had made performances at la fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, paris, at la generale and at la gallery yukiko kawase...
Their videos has been shown at la fondation Cartier, diva new york and diva Paris...


instead of buying shoes | NOWAKI (France) | 2007

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